Understanding LGBTQ Abuse in the South

Understanding LGBTQ Abuse in the South

- The Good Men Project

“Sometimes, the roots of violence against LGBTQ people go much deeper than the hearts and minds of a few people or communities.”

Join us and give your support to the Free2Be Safe Anti-Violence Project serving LGBTQ Alabama and the Deep South.  Together we are working to create safe communities based on healthy relationships.

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James Robinson is an activist, advocate, and a leader in the struggle to secure equality and social justice for the LGBTQ South.  He is the founder and executive director of GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services, Inc. located in Huntsville, Alabama.  His is deeply rooted in the forms of fundamental Christianity prevalent in the Deep South.  He is a deeply spiritual person who uses his personal struggles as a source of strength to help others.  He can be reached at james@glbtays.org.

James in NJ